Sunday, 10 October 2010

Unlocking the secrets....

Yesterday the climbing team headed up to the snow line at 5100m to gain some height passing the remains of previous camp which included a large rusting gas cylinder slowing being eaten and returned to the earth.  Other items included a large jar that Nick has snagged as a pee bottle so he doesn't have to get out of his tent at night and a most puzzling arrangement of 3 padlocks that were deliberately left on a flat rock.  Perhaps they were placed as a metaphor, and each of the three locks represents the three climbers and we are here to unlock the secrets of Annapurna 3.

Pictures: Annapurna 3, Matt's Birthday cake, the Trip Hazard aka David Reeves.  All photos taken on a Samsung NX10.

Matt celebrated his 30th birthday at base camp yesterday and Buddhi baked a surprise Birthday cake which is pretty incredible given that we are at 4600m and Buhddhi only has two Primus stoves to cook on! 

David Reeves the camera man who I'm sure won't mind me saying is not waif, stated before flying in that he would like to lose a tad of weight. Well we are happy to say his A3 diet is on track with projectile vomiting and a lack of appetite. David has even slowed down on the filming and is seen lying prone in various around BC, causing a trip hazard!

Ed Douglas left BC this morning by taking the Dynasty Air express taxi out.  It was a big relief for Ed as he has several deadlines to meet. Needless to say we had loads of empathy with Ed's situation, and at no time did we suggest that Ed may be stuck for a long time. In the end, the chopper whizzed in early doors, snow clouds billowed and cut a furrow while we dived to zip tents. The mountain soundtrack we have already become accustomed was swallowed with thudding and in a shot the paparratzi was whisked away. Ed texted us an hour and a half later informing that java cappuccino was being relished. Hmm, me thinks Ed got his own back for the never getting out quips!

Weather seems to have settled into a bit of a routine, clear cold, the cloud build up  and a smattering of snow. Tonight the smattering appears to be a little more persistent.

Tomorrow we plan to recce the approach and possible entry onto the SE Ridge, once this has been done we can see even if it possible to access the ridge and start to make a plan.

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  1. Wishing Daddy's brave little soldier a very Happy Birthday !!
    One to remember.