Friday, 22 October 2010

Shutdown by the weather.... again.

Pictures: Morning cloud shapes; who Nick wishes was in his tent; a new member of the team... but can he break trail at 7000m?

Last night our cunning plan was to climb through the night to get to our ABC on the East Ridge before the sun started to warm up the snowy slopes which we would have to cross to reach our highpoint.  However at around 10pm, a rather violent snow storm hit base camp and after approximately 3 seconds of deliberation we went back to bed.

The weather is starting to become a problem.  We are several days behind where we would like to be in terms of acclimatisation, and getting caught out in this kind of weather at 7500m would not be fun.  We live in hope that the weather patterns will change and we will get to see the sun for more than a few hours per day. 

If the weather is clear again tonight, we may head up to ABC, although there is bound to be a lot of fresh unconsolidated snow which is bound to make things interesting and may force us back again to BC.


  1. Great blog posts - good read. Photos cool too!

    Good luck out there, enjoy (?), and be safe!


  2. Hope the weather clears soon,loving the blog.
    all the best