Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Acclimatisation begins...

Pictures: Matt gets to a new level playing 'NOVA' on the Samsung Galaxy Tab; Buddhi excels once again with a delicious base camp banana pie, both taken on the Samsung NX10 camera.

Yesterday was spent looking round trying to get to grips with the topography of the area and coming up with a plan to climb a new route on Annapurna 3. Today has been spent in BC getting kit sorted for the morning, ready for a hit up to the East Ridge on A3 to make a stash of some gas and to acclimatise to 6000m, hopefully!  We will return to BC tomorrow evening to rest for a few days or so before we try to get any higher on the ridge; acclimatisation will be the key for this 7.5 km ridge, 2.5 km of which is above 7000m. 

Weather is still mixed but predictable, sunny in the mornings then clouding over bringing snow, but thankfully not too much!

Down time is spent either listening to tunes, or watching movies on our Galaxy tabs, how cool are these things?

All team members are well save for a few snivels - trying to shake off a cold is not that easy at 4600m.



  1. Hey Pete check THIS out -


    Jeeeeeesus christ man I hope it's colder for them than it was for us! (I think it MUST be). Barely recognisable. £10 to the punter who can guess where the f@#*k they got to on their first attempt...

    good luck on the hill boys


  2. Oooooh, love the table cloth - how stylish can you be at altitude! Matt, happy belated birthday, what a place to spend it. Also belated thankyous for your patience in Chamonix while we were there. Shame about the weather but it could'nt be helped. Enjoy yourselves and be careful. Loving the blogs, Annabelle.