Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shock Horror - Helliker Turns 30

A wee birdie tells me Mr Helliker turns 30 today and he's been trying to keep it quiet.  I've attached a link to his video camera thoughts about turning 30 whilst at Base Camp.  It's probably better the 'older members' of the team don't see it. 

I'm going to text the sat phone to spill the beans and get the boys to get Bhudi to bake him a cake, even though he'd probably prefer a Birthday Maximuscle shake!


  1. 30 years old and still wearing a beanie that makes you look like a pre-pubescent school boy!

    Over the hill but still leading the way.

    Happy birthday mate, we'd have got you something but I couldn't be bothered!

    Bag the route and stay safe.

    Sam and Lyds

  2. Happy birthday brother.
    i hope it is nice an warm and you had great cup of shut the f*&^k up...

    have fun and keep us posted.


  3. 30... shocking, what can I say ;)

    Happy bday gorgeous, stay safe out there and enjoy youself,

    Bigg huggg,

  4. Anapurna 3 and Matt 'Wuff,Wuff' turns 30! Really unbelievable, Matt 30? You still are in pretty good shape though for a 30 year old bloke. Stay out of trouble and keep those muscles pumping - I know you will. Happy birthday, Matt, from Annecy from all of us.