Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Satellite Test Blog from Kathmandu

The team has made significant progress from their previous effort by actually all managing to turn up in Kathmandu safe and sound with all the gear and we have spent the last 2 days unpacking and re packing, testing and re testing and going though all the necessary paperwork at the Ministry - we now have a permit.


We met with Liz Hawley the collator of the Himalayan database which is an authoritative database of every Expedition in Nepal who required us to fill in her forms for this years entry.


We met with Pemba the Air Dynasty helicopter pilot today to finalise the drop zone for BC with the help of Google Earth and there appear to be two options for Base Camp which Pemba spotted on a recce mission a few days ago and the call will be made as to which location on the first flight in.


Climbing team members, Dave Reeves the cameraman and Ed Douglas the Journalist will all fly to Porkhara by Chopper tomorrow afternoon, then if all goes well will fly to BC on Thursday morning. So keep everything crossed for us.


The Team

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