Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A3 team are airborne!

The team have now mobilised to Pokhara and the weather is looking good for flying into base camp tomorrow (Thursday).
The Air Dynasty helicopter flight from Kathmandu was going pretty smoothly until there was a loud bang at the back of the cabin which caused some concern to the occupants in the cheap seats at the back.  After some worried looks, the source of the noise was found to be a bungee cord which had come loose and shot across the cabin and was trying to make a break for freedom through the window.
Pete riding up front

The boys after the bungee incident
Just before landing at Pokhara airport, Pemba showed off his piloting skills by diving into a deep gorge, tracking the Eurocopter B2 along the meandering river at 80 mph before smoothly landing at the airport much to the delight and horror of the passengers.
Unfortunately the afternoon cloud was obstructing the mountains, so we will have to wait another day to see Annapurna 3.
Dave has been busy strapping numerous Samsung video cameras to the helicopter so we should be able to get some awesome shots, and if we have time, Pemba has agreed to fly as close and as high to our objective which will be extremely useful for determine our climbing strategy and getting an idea of the conditions on the route.  
The master technician at work - Dave
 The plan tomorrow is to ferry the equipment and people (4 runs) up to an intermediate drop zone and from there drop some weight in order to get into our base camp which could be as high as 4800m if you believe Google Earth.
It is a clear night in Pokhara so here is hoping....
Nepal from the air


  1. Sounds sweet Pete. Cheers Sandy

  2. A3 Team...... should go for Audi sponsor !
    Great going so far.