Sunday, 18 April 2010

Moving Out! Posted by Matt

So a decision has been made by the team that myself and Bullock will head out of Kathmandu in the morning and start walking into Base Camp without Pete and Laura Benson and Ian Burton the Film guy. They are still stuck in the UK due to flight delays along with my climbing boots, Bivi Tent, solar chargers and sat phone, Mmm.  It will be down to Geek Boy to keep you all up to date with progress on the blog, due to the fact that we will be without communcations until the rest of the team get into BC, hopefully this will be sooner rather than later!! and you will know this before we do.
By the time they arrive at least will have got the 20+  Porters into BC, set up, and come up with a bit more of a action plan to tackle Annapurna III, oh and have a massive party! Big Storm here in Kathmandu tonight, but both myself and grandad keen to get moving, I don't know if my guts could take much more, and even tonight Bullock himself started to doubt his own hotel room!!


                                           Kathmandu, Thamel.   Camera: Samsung NX10

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