Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ashmageddon by Pete

So, the whole world has stopped spinning on it’s axis because of a wee bit of volcanic ash in the air, which has now been shown to be perfectly safe, and always was safe.

Pete, Laura and Ian are now scheduled to fly to Kathmandu on Monday, and they will head straight to Pokhara and trek into base camp. As they will be travelling as a smaller party, they should be able to complete the trek to base camp in a few days, which will put them 2-3 days behind Matt and Nick. Well that is the plan. We shall see.

Matt has managed to bounce a mobile signal off a nearby mountain and has sent this update from the trek to base camp.

Matt writes:

Day 2 of the trek to base camp and we have already lost 10 porters, but fortunately the plucky porters from Kathmandu have been carrying double loads, and we have picked up some more local porters to fill the gasps. We have left the very hot and steamy jungle and only have 400m of height to gain till base camp which we should be able to complete in 2 days. Weather is very hot with massive thunder storms each night.

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  1. Rock on guys. You're getting there.