Thursday, 29 April 2010

Monkey Business!! Posted by Matt Helliker

So after all the shenanigans over the last few weeks, we have been back in Kathmandu trying to savage any costs from this quite expensive but worthwhile recce, we headed to the ministry yesterday and as suspected got nothing back for our peak fee or LO, we didn't go down easily and at one stage were taken into a room, sat down with tea in front of 14 head government officials, explaining the fact that we will be back, but all we need is just a postponement, but things out here in Nepal are very black and white," this is law", he said with a grin on his face, Mmm yeah! so you kept telling us.

So all the equipment has been packed up, logged and been put into storage at Loben's Pad ready for the return match in Oct, whilst doing this Bullock decided to try and befriend a wild Monkey, that appeared on the hotel balcony. Monkey was the size off a Rottweiler and wasn't falling for the bullock charm, Nick soon realised that his David Attenborough approach to attempt to connect with one of our own was going wrong, and fast! Monkey jumped down from his top spot and was on the case to spoil the bullocks day! Nick looked round for a weapon, "Mmm, Mini Gun, no! that was back in his room, Pepper pot, no!" but i could see his thinking! then in a moment of desperation as Monkey was heading in for a cheeky undercut, he grabbed the smallest, most useless, wooden chair you can possibly imagine and proceeded to fend off monkey with chair whilst squealing like a 5 year old girl on the big dipper at Blackpool, all at same time. This was all very funny, as I was viewing this from about 100m away at the time.

So after all that excitement, today we are off to meet with the Helicopter boys, to see if it really is possible to get us into BC in Oct we let you know how we get on later.

We fly back to UK on the 30th April, but watch this space as will be attaching a short film of the story so far, very soon.


  1. shame you didn't get a crack at it! was looking forward to the story!
    good luck for october!
    dave(lisa's brother-in-law)

  2. Dont worry, i'm pretty sure it will happen,(moeist, weather, hellicopter, team, volcano, earthquake, sunami, landslide, hurricane permitting) and to continue the cliche theme, all good things come to those who wait............ maybe!


  3. Sounds about right :-)

    Any footage of the monkey fight??
    Made me laugh!!