Saturday, 17 April 2010

Manic Kathmandu!! Posted by Matt

So as im sure you have heard from Geek Boy (Pete), myself and Granddad Bullock made it to Kathmandu a few days back, before the whole Volcano thing kicked off and totally messed up plans for getting team benson and Ian, the film guy, into town a few days later for us to then all head into BC together. So this leaves us on standby in Kathmandu until Tuesday if they managed to get their flight??
If not which is looking more and more likely, myself and Nick will go on ahead on Monday with some 40 porters to try and get into Base Camp ( I say try! will explain later!) to set up and start trying to get things moving at this end. So as you can tell all a bit manic here.

Landing here on Thursday, i was looking forward to some rest at the hotel that Nick had sorted for us, "Its cheap, but really clean and quite" he tells me. Great! I said. thinking back to my last expedition with him to Peru a few years back, thinking he said the same then, but it turned out to be a hoval! I know he's changed and now being close to retirement im sure he likes a bit of comfort!!! Nope, I was wrong. After Bullock knocked the guy down from $10 to $6 per night the keys where handed over with a checky smile from the owners face, i walked up the stairs, found the door, turned the key to my room, and forced the door open over the blood, mud and cum stained carpet, to then attempt to peel, and yes, i mean "peel" the sheets back off the bed to view more nastiness under the covers, Mmmm think i will sleep in my clothes tonight, oh and a hat! at 8pm a Generator started up outside my window and continued until 4am this morning, it was like sleeping in the arms of a jack Hammer! Nice, thanks Grandad!

After packing yet more kit into duffals this morning, i managed to get onto the roof of the hotel and had a wicked workout, 2.5 hrs of P90X, Google it! its a amazing workout program given to me by my personal trainer Michelle! the guy who runs the session on the DVD is a bit of a cock, but if you can see through that is a great program, this was much needed and helped to clear my mind as exercise always does.

Camera: Samsung NX10

Just been out to dinner with our Agent Loben, to try and make yet more plans with all the hold ups we are having. Also learnt tonight that 3 of Lobens men who went into our BC a few weeks back to figure out the best route in, didn't make it all the way in, they where a day short and stopped due to snow! as nore did the last expedition to this side of the mountain in 2007 make it to BC, mmm could be an interesting few week!!

Also thanks to Rob Fairley who has given Loben some info and Photos, which we now have on our blog.


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  1. Hotel room sounds nice. Does it come with en-suite?
    Add a few black dog hairs and you'll soon feel at home.