Friday, 16 April 2010

All systems go....well almost.

Matt and Nick have arrived in Kathmandu and have been busy completing all the chores and buying food but unfortunately the rest of the team have been delayed in the UK due to the volcanic ash that our friends in Iceland have been sending this way.  Pete, Loz and Ian should now arrive (!?) in Kathmandu on Tuesday morning and then straight to Pokhara to begin the trek into Base Camp.  This only puts us a 36 hours behind schedule, but I will believe that when we all get out there!


This delay does however allow gadget-boy (Pete) to fully test the solar power station and satellite email system that will allow updates from Base Camp and await the arrival of the Bivi tent which is somewhere between Herefordshire and Glasgow.


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  1. Saw a nice tent in B&Q Glastonbury yesterday. Any good?