Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tentative Friday.

Things are now moving at an ever increasing pace...

Ian Wall has just emailed to inform us that he is travelling to Pokhara in preparation for the reccy flight which will take place on Friday (hopefully!).

Loben has just emailed with costing, timing, plans etc... (always fraught this one)

(Just to give the non expedition folk out there an idea... Liason Officer costs, $1800, Garbage deposit, $2000, LO and cook insurance $500, Peak Fee, $1400 (this is an autumn cost, its double in the spring) BC service costs anything between $6000 to $8000.)

David Reeves, the new addition and cameraman working for Posing Productions, now has his plane ticket, as do Matt, Pete and me thanks to my credit card. (even more fraught than the one above, well for me anyway!)

Samsung have now supplied all of the camera gear, filming gear, and communications gear.

The North Face have supplied a couple of tents for Matt and Pete to use at BC which are being delivered to DMM for collection.

An invoice has been raised by Pete for the extra funding which Samsung have very generously given.

And on, and on, and on...

With a bit of luck, no, in fact with a lot of luck by Saturday we may have some pictures of the hill thanks to Ian.


  1. Best of British to the boys from the black hills.
    Fcuk that's a big hill! Will raise a glass of vAn rouge to your safe and succesful return.

  2. But you surely mean vin rouge... Only a fool would call it vAn rouge...hmm! ;o)