Monday, 20 September 2010

After Tentative Friday, comes Frustrating Monday.

Just heard back from Ian Wall, that after he travelled to Pokhara and waited three days, there was no chance to fly. His liver could stand no more of the socialising in Pokhara, so now he is back in Kathmandu waiting for a break in the weather and another go.

The road to Pokhara is out due to landslides, but if we stump up $100 for a flight he will be on his way asap. Given Ian's words,

"Please try to let me know what to do within the next few hrs as I have to get flight tickets .. if I don’t hear I’ll go and we can argue later .. if I don’t go then we’re all in the shit .. will need to drop down to mark landing zone or Pemba might not find it again with you guys"

No brainer then..

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