Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Here we go again. (Round 2)

After a few months of wild email contact with each other,  sorting out helicopter companies, wild repeated email exchanges with Ian Wall, (who has graciously taken it upon himself to sort out the helicopter side of things, "You want the BC where?? Yes there, just there, no, there, not there, yes there"... etc, etc, etc...), Loben, (friend and sorter of things that need sorting), Alastair Lee, who isn't coming but Ian Burton who may be coming to film, Rob Fairley who has given invaluable info and last but definitely not least, Samsung, who have thrown in more cash and who without their support this thing would not have been happening, we have finally committed to going out for a second attempt. The flights were bought today and we, Pete Benson, Matt Helliker, and myself, fly to Nepal on the 2nd of October.

The helicopter company we have been dealing with are Air Dynasty   As it stands they have already attempted to fly a reccy to pin-point a drop zone near BC, but because of the monsoon, they were forced to land on the hillside and sleep in the chopper till the following day where they flew back to Pokhara. Now we are waiting for the second attempt by the chopper boys to get in and make sure they can land. (So that's yet another failure to get in!)

Anyway, there now will be, no-doubt, loads of up-dates on the run up to the second attempt.

Hopefully we will at least see the hill this time.

Nick Bullock.

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