Monday, 6 September 2010


Monsoon is still hitting Kathmandu hard according to Ian Wall and because of this the Air Dynasty guys are grounded so still no reccy, and still no conformation of whether it is possible to land at BC or not... Hey you remember when expedition climbing was easy and it was just a 3 week walk from Kathmandu to Everest BC!

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  1. Totally with OG when it comes to using the best kit for the job, whether it's gear or choppers. If things hadn't moved on from climbers in tweed jackets and hob nail boots, far less would have been achieved in the world. Success isn't measured in how you do things but in what you do and coming home safely is the only real success worth aiming for.
    Sounds like success for the choppers right now would be just to get off the ground. If they don't work, how about jet packs, going in Bond style.